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Air Nav Sim
Courtesy Tim Carlson

Instructions for "flying" the Air Navigation Simulator can be found below the applet.

You need to enable Java in your browser to use the Air Navigation Simulator.

MouseClick/Drag on the MapMove the airplane, the transmitters, or change the wind vector (if in wind mode)
 Click the ButtonsChange the vector (OBS) for the instrument (except the RMI, DG)
KeyboardUp & Down ArrowsIncrease or decrease the airplane speed (60-300 kt)
 Left and Right ArrowsIncrease or decrease turn rate (deg/sec)
 Space BarInstantly set the turn rate to zero
 EnterReposition transmitters to original positions - useful if you've moved them off the map
 RToggle radials on & off (dark colors = from side of VORs, light colors = TO side of VORs)
 1 or 2Switch instrument 1 or 2 between VOR, HSI, ADF, RMI, DG, or Text
 WToggle Wind mode (shown in status line) - when in wind mode you can click/drag on the map to change the wind vector
 PPause the animation (wind and airplane motion) - you can still rotate the instruments and drag the plane
 TTrace - start/stop a trail of dots showing the airplane's path
 HHide - stop/start displaying the airplane and trace
 LLost - randomly reposition the airplane on the map - most useful when the plane is hidden

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