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By Ryan Ferguson, © 2001-2005

Ah, the joys of running a totally unbiased personal aviation website. I am free to tell you EXACTLY what I think of the products that I review. There are no sponsors to keep happy and no egos to stroke. Of course, this means I get to personally purchase all of the products I review. So much for the perks... but at least I have nothing to lose by being completely honest and objective with my PIREPs. Enjoy!

Icing for GA Pilots DVD Icing for GA Pilots DVD
January, 2003 "Icing for General Aviation Pilots," a joint project between NASA and the AOPA ASF, is a $5.00 DVD with a volume of information on aircraft icing. Includes NASA research footage of in-flight icing conditions, re-enactments, and detailed discussions on the causes and associated recovery techniques of tailplane icing and stalls. [READ ARTICLE] »

October, 2002 Confession time: are YOU still flying IFR with hand-held GPS? Then read my review of the Bendix-King KLN-94 IFR GPS. A lot of power and utility for the price for the budget-minded pilot. [READ ARTICLE] »

Jepp. Vs. NACO Jepp Vs. NACO
July, 2002 Which chart format deserves your loyalty: Jeppesen or NACO? This PIREP deals with how I reached the conclusion that simpler and cheaper is better. [READ ARTICLE] »

May, 2002 Updated CBAV (short for 'Cheap Bastard Aviation') is a free applet for the Palm OS featuring NEXRAD weather images, METARs, and TAFs. What makes this so special? Using a Palm VIIx and the Palm.net wireless service, you can get weather updates in the air for a grand total investment of under $150. [READ ARTICLE] »

August, 2001 Looking for a handheld transceiver with both nav and comm functionality, plus a whole lot more? Read my review of the ICOM IC-A23, including a simulated 'electrical failure' to test the capabilities of the unit. You might be surprised at just what capabilities you have when you revert to your handheld in an actual emergency. [READ ARTICLE] »

Lightspeed 25XL Lightspeed 25XL
August, 2001 Updated As one of the higher-end headsets available to the private pilot, this rig offers a featureset that most headsets can't match. Unfortunately, its light weight and quiet performance comes at too high an all-around price. [READ ARTICLE] »